Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Unicom's first response to iPhone parallel: Black-earned money through tax evasion

Dec. 4 news on the iPhone, the price of China Unicom, Unicom relevant departments for the first time responses, said Unicom version of iPhone is mainly because of the increase of 17% of the value-added tax; if removed 17% of import value-added tax, parallel version of iPhone than Unicom iPhone has a few hundred dollars higher. In other words, parallel traders earn several hundred dollars of dirty money.

Unicom version of iPhone including import VAT must be

IPhone, the official listing of China Unicom, its price has been concern to the industry, many users of the parallel black market iPhone was hesitant at relatively low cost, which is also Unicom angry. Such as on-line version of 5450 yuan in Hong Kong offer 16GB, 32GB Hong Kong version of 6350 yuan, respectively, than the genuine licensed iPhone lower 430 yuan, 640 yuan.

For this price difference, Unicom has not respond. But in the end what is the cause of this spread it? Relevant department of China Unicom said that the reason why parallel imports iPhone root cause of low prices, first escape shall pay 17% VAT; Second, parallel traders do not bear the after-sales cost of service, not as genuine licensed manufacturers in accordance with the State "Three Guarantees" shall be returnable spending 7 days 14 days replacement, the cost of repairing a year.

Also, if someone else used the parallel recovery of second-hand refurbished machines, or fake cottage, which parallel the price even lower.

Why Unicom version of iPhone price must include 17% VAT, Unicom, the Ministry said reason is obvious: iPhone Apple provided by the United States is fully imported into China to be required to pay 17% of the value-added tax; a message Unicom said the production version of iPhone in China, but the reality is that even if production in China is produced in the bonded area, export of such products do not need to pay tax if, if we should pay taxes in domestic sales.

Tax after the price equivalent to the Hong Kong version

It is learned that, if carefully investigated to other countries and regions can be found if present, except the United States and Hong Kong, the world's major countries and regions, iPhone, China Unicom version with similar prices, including Japan, Singapore, and Australia. As the world's fastest Internet access, performance, best cell phone, iPhone, basically the price.

But Hong Kong is a bit special, because Hong Kong is a free trade area is basically duty-free imports, so a lot of parallel imports is poured into the black market from Hong Kong, China mobile phone market. Relevant departments of China Unicom, a person pointed out that if the price of removing VAT Unicom bare metal part of the iPhone, is basically equivalent to the Hong Kong market price on the bare iPhone.

AT & T's iPhone U.S. price does not have a global reference value, because AT & T's iPhone is Apple's U.S. business to provide, without payment of import VAT. United States bonded store 16GB of the iPhone placed bare metal prices as high as $ 940, totaling 6,580 yuan.

Black-parallel to earn money for tax evasion

If the carefully calculated, then compared with the parallel cell phone, iPhone, if Unicom Edition Genuine remove 17% of imports in the VAT after the 16GB, 32GB of iPhone 3GS price level should be 5025 yuan, 5982 yuan. Parallel the relative front-line phones offer lower around 400-700 dollars. Can see that parallel traders from parallel imports in addition to tax evasion but also earn a lot of black heart of foreign money. In addition, industry experts called parallel imports from non-formal channels into China, is illegal and tax evasion, as a responsible Chinese people should be despised parallel, this is unpatriotic.

Relevant departments of China Unicom also said, iPhone users if the network select the package, and signed two agreements in the network, will enjoy the subsidies, the actual purchase price of iPhone will be greatly reduced or even free mobile phone.

It is reported that China Unicom users actually want more network selection set, do not want to make money through the bare iPhone. In this case, China Unicom has not given high demand for iPhone.

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