Monday, October 11, 2010

Symantec said the new storm worm detected

April 12, Symantec has detected a new spam attack complex, using Trojan.Peacomm (also known as Storm Worm) or Storm Trojan, through spam e-mail password protected Zip files to send a large number. Symantec Security Response Center will increase its risk index to five in the second level. Symantec this month, were monitored on a global scale to more than 200 million spam messages, reaching the highest number in recent months, mainly for English-speaking countries, enterprises and individual users. This year in January, Symantec will detect Storm Trojan started evolving, and the spam attack is part of the performance.

The attacks also appeared a new type of change, an attacker using social engineering means to spread Trojans. The junk e-mail to remind users to be careful of false virus detected (for example, Trojan Detected!, Virus Activity Detected) for the title, and then entice users to open a Zip file.

With the release earlier this year, the virus definition, Symantec customers are eligible for comprehensive protection against the threat of attacks in the Zip file. Symantec recommends that enterprise and individual users to download the latest virus definitions, self-detection of Zip files.

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